What is Niri?

The National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) is a professional association of corporate investor relations officers and consultants responsible for communication among corporate management, the investing public and the financial community. The San Diego Chapter of NIRI represents the majority of the publicly held corporations in San Diego, as well as many emerging companies and related service providers. The mission of our organization is to advance the practice of investor relations, communicate the value investor relations adds to public companies, and meet the growing professional development needs of our members.
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NIRI is dedicated to advancing the practice of investor relations and the professional competency and stature of its members.

  • To provide leading professional development opportunities for investor relations practitioners.
  • To advance the discipline of investor relations by being a source of research results and other information.
  • To pursue a positive environment for the achievement of each member’s particular objectives.
  • To encourage open and effective flow of information between corporations and financial stakeholders.


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Why NIRI San Diego? This network is invaluable. I find that whatever IR issues I face, other NIRI members have been through something similar and are happy to share their experiences and insights.

- Debra Hart

NIRI San Diego provided an instant network of IR professionals that were ready and willing to provide advice when something came up that was new to me. Having been a sell side analyst for a number of years, I had some gaps to fill in managing the corporate side of IR after I made the career shift. My association with NIRI has proven to be a valuable resource.

- Robert H. Uhl

I’ve had the pleasure of being a NIRI San Diego member for 18 years.  This is an organization of dedicated professionals who come together to share their considerable collective knowledge in the theory and practice of investor relations.  NIRI has been invaluable to me in my career growth – my hope is that I can somehow pay it forward.

- Julie Cunningham

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