Dear NIRI San Diego,

Are you ready for 2018? As we progress quickly into the new year looking ahead to our personal, professional and corporate goals, your NIRI San Diego board is off to the races. As of Jan. 1, San Diego is home to approximately 80 publicly traded companies, with an aggregate market cap of $220 billion. By my estimate, six to ten more local companies are eyeing an IPO. And whether or not they all debut in 2018, the demand for strong investor relations practitioners and counselors in San Diego is certainly evident.

NIRI is shaping the future of our profession – through professional development training, networking and by influencing government policy affecting our industry. As San Diego’s influence within NIRI grows, so does our ability to influence the agenda of NIRI National and further shape the investor relations community in San Diego. Our local chapter is only as strong as the participation of our members, so we invite you to be a part of the action this year.

So what do we have in store for 2018? The NIRI San Diego board already has some amazing events on the docket for the coming year. Among the highlights:

  • Meet & Greet with Gary LaBranche, president and CEO of NIRI (March 6). So much has changed in our industry since NIRI’s president last visited San Diego. The JOBS Act passed (yes, it’s been that long), and NIRI launched its IRC Credential program. NIRI also continues to advocate on behalf of its members on a host of regulatory issues including proxy reform. We are excited to welcome Gary to San Diego this year to hear his insightful perspectives on the latest IR developments.
  • IRO/CFO networking (April 2018). The CFO/COO is the primary investor relations contact for roughly half of San Diego’s listed companies. To share intelligence and build the IR profession in San Diego, we will be holding more joint events with the CFO community in 2018. Stay tuned for details.
  • Advanced IR Workshop (mid-year, TBD). Delivering on members’ needs and requests, we’re helping you elevate your game by providing harder-hitting content, more perspectives from the financial community and IRO guest speakers from outside of our market. Topics include MiFID II, shareholder rights plans, equity ownership transparency and more. Stay tuned for a mid-year workshop on advanced topics and expert guest speakers.

Finally, we’re working to formalize a process for further developing the NIRI San Diego board and creating a succession plan for chapter leadership positions. If you’re interested in building on the momentum in 2018 and serving on the NIRI San Diego board for the 2018/2019 program, please contact the board at Board level involvement is a tremendous networking opportunity, a great leadership experience and an opportunity to build on a profession that I know is near and dear to all of you.

As for the current board, I couldn’t be more fortunate. This year’s board members are self-motivated, share a passion to cultivate a vibrant NIRI San Diego chapter and truly enjoy working together. If you see them around, ask them how it’s going — and how you can become more involved!

I look forward to seeing and meeting you at our next event.

Jason Spark
President, NIRI San Diego

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